Non-Mormon Arizona mother supports temple marriage

The Mesa Temple was the site of two weddings on March 12, 2010 — with two mothers who had two differing reactions.

Both couples had fulfilled their dreams of being married in the temple that day. Both had mothers who did not share their faith and were unable to attend the ceremony.

Cheri Richardson was devastated and angry at the church and told her story to The Arizona Republic.

Lisa Selk felt understanding and peace and responded to Richardson's account.

"Lisa thought someone needed to stand up," said Sue Shreeve, Selk's friend. "She was in the same boat as the other mother, but she chose to be happy. Life is a choice, so she chose to trust her daughter."

The 3,000-word article, titled "Temple wedding off limits to non-Mormon family," was published on the front page of The Arizona Republic's "Arizona Living Sunday" features section on March 29. It detailed Richardson's unfavorable reaction to her son's decision to get married in the LDS temple, referring to it as "another blow" beyond his baptism. The piece explained the son's conversion process and his mother's reactions leading up to Richardson's response to the wedding. As a professional wedding planner, Richardson had dreamed of seeing her son's face as he got married, as she had with many grooms before. She was distraught when she realized this would not occur.

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