Not Getting Answers? How to Pray in a Way God Can Answer

After years of saying prayers that never seemed to get answered, one LDS mom discovered some habits that were keeping her from receiving answers. After careful study, she discovered an incredible formula that has revolutionized the way she talks with he Heavenly Father.

It’s 4:30 a.m. and my two-month-old son is up again—for the fourth time tonight. “God, please help him to go back to sleep,” I silently beg in my head. 

Nope. He’s still awake. 

I pick him up, feed him, and put him back down. “God, please help him to sleep in!” 

Nope. He doesn’t sleep in and wakes up an hour later.

Now repeat this scene for two more months.

I think when my third child was born, a good 90 percent of my prayers revolved solely around our collective sleep patterns. However, these prayers never seemed to be answered—at least not in the time frame I was hoping for.

This did not cause me to lose my faith in prayer or the power of prayer, but it did cause me to reflect on how I could improve my prayers to ask for things that God is more able to answer.

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