Not all Mormon gridders flock to Utah

by | Feb. 05, 2010

Saints & Sports

It used to be that schools in the Beehive state got the lion's share of Mormon football talent, but in recent years, some of the top LDS talent has chosen to ply their wares elsewhere. This year was no different.

While the majority of Mormon high school athletes decided to take their skills to BYU, Utah or Utah State, a few of them chose a different route on the Feb. 3 national letter-of-intent day, choosing to play their college football at schools outside of the Mormon corridor.

Some of them are big names, while others haven't been heard of by even the most die-hard college football fans. But regardless of who they are, it's notable to see Mormon athletes choosing the road less traveled, playing with fewer teammates who share their faith; choosing to be the lone Mormon wolf instead of joining a "band of brothers" in Provo, Salt Lake City or Logan.

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