Notable Quotables from the 2013 Women’s Conference at BYU

“Lord, who needs me today? Tell me her name.” -Elaine S. Marshall quoting her then Relief Society President – Ann Madsen

I have used this sentence prayer in the days since Women’s Conference and by doing so I have invited the spirit of revelation into my life. Names and faces have been provided and opportunities for service made manifest. I was not surprised when the names provided were my own husband and children, but other names have been provided as well. I’m printing this quote out and taping it onto my bathroom mirror, it’s just that good.

“How many spiritual experiences have we missed because we ran to tell instead of lingering and waiting on the Lord?” - Paraphrasing Camille Fronk Olson.

Eric Huntsman and Camille Fronk Olson co-taught a class on women disciples where they felt that the reason Mary Magdalene was privileged enough to be the first person to see the Lord in His resurrected form is clearly recorded in the gospel of John: she lingered.

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