BYU Noteworthy and Cougarettes Team Up for Mind-Blowing Music Video: "Unsteady"

BYU's Noteworthy recently released a new video for their new single, a cover of X Ambassadors' "Unsteady." 

The video was created together with the BYU Cougarettes to more effectively relay the meaning of the song. Member and beatboxer of Noteworthy, Sarah Cunha, told The Daily Universe“It’s such a different emotion and message. It’s very much a message of real pain and reaching out when you need to and being okay with it.”

And the end result was stunning and emotional.

“It was so cool to collaborate with the Cougarettes because they brought so much energy to it,” Bent said. “It was such an energetic environment the whole time, and everyone was so focused and working hard because everyone was passionate,” Bronwyn Bent, Noteworthy member, shared with The Daily Universe.

Lead image screenshot from video
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