November 2009 LDS Primary Sharing Time Helps and Ideas

Monthly Theme: My family and I can serve others.

Monthly Scripture: "By love serve one another" Galatians 5:13

Week 1 I am thankful for my family. I will serve them.

* The ward is our family too! Go to the Young Women or Young Men (or whatever auxillary you choose) and as a primary serenade them with beautiful songs. Singing and uplifting the soul is service. Designate one child to ask the young women if there is anything the primary can do to help serve them. If not, then tell them you love them and be on your way to spread more good cheer! Is that someone sitting on the couch in the hallway? Sing on Primary friends! When you get back, ask the children to describe how they felt singing and serving others.

*Teach the children "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" (Hymns 252). Verse 2 says, "The Church has need of helping hands, And hearts that know and feel. The work to do is here for you; Put your shoulder to the wheel." Have a string stretching tight across the primary room. Have 10 clothes pins attached to it with pictures of different wheels. Have questions, scriptures and songs pertaining to service on the backs. Let the children come up and pick the wheels.

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