Now, Now, Simmer Down

Recently, I was sitting in church, and the subject of Facebook came up. This didn't surprise me; there are any number of people for whom regular visits to Facebook are something of a religious experience. The discussion, as far as I was concerned, was going swimmingly, primarily because I have made more than my share of offerings at the Facebook altar. However, the dear 70-something lady sitting next to me was clearly unhappy with the direction the discussion had taken. This is a woman who has dedicated her golden years to the passionate gathering of family names and dates, all with an eye to taking that information to the temple for work to be done in behalf of those individuals. It should be noted that, due to her love of family history work, every sentence that passes her lips ends with the word "temple." I'm pretty sure that if you offered her a drink, she'd take a Shirley -- you guessed it. Her comment went something like this: "It's fine to have some fun on that book thing, but you need to balance it with doing genealogy."
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