Nursery cultivates affinity for Church

Zac Smith and Sawyer Sarzalejo were at an impasse.

Tiny hands clasped over twisted strands of colorful metal wire, the two boys tugged at opposite ends of the same bead maze. Both 2-year-olds wore sweater vests.

Zac's mantra: "Mine."

Sawyer grunted dissent.

Nursery leader Teryl Call ended the disagreement by lifting Sawyer away from the bead maze. Hers was not a peacekeeping mission, though — Sister Call's intent was much more practical than that. She wanted to smell the seat of Sawyer's pants.

Olfactory nerves informed leaders of the Riverside 5th Ward Nursery in the Murray Utah North Stake that one of their brood had a diaper that needed changing. But Sawyer passed the sniff test, so Sister Call set him back on the floor.

In the brief moment Sawyer was airborne, Zac ran away with the bead maze.

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