Nursery snacks: Climbing out of the pretzel rut

Toddlers love finger foods, so nursery snack-time would seem to be a worry-free part of the job. However, a little diversity beyond dry crackers and lukewarm water served in miniature paper cups has the potential to enhance the entire experience for everyone involved.

Depending on the schedule of your ward's church meetings, hearty nursery snacks can make all the difference in preventing rumbling bellies from evolving into complete toddler meltdowns.

Food allergy-free zones

By the time an 18-month-old enters nursery, parents are most likely aware of food allergies their baby has developed. The usual culprits -- like bananas or peanut butter -- have been tried, tested and deemed dangerous and they'll let you know. So even if one child is sensitive to a food, ban it entirely from nursery just to be on the safe side. Make food part of the fun

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