O Pioneers!

Though it is a state holiday in Utah, Pioneer Day is recognized by Church members around the globe, sometimes in the form of Stake celebrations or Sacrament meeting talks given around the 24th. Because the day falls on Saturday this year, here are some ideas for making the day a memorable one for your family.

Have a "pioneer" lunch. Prepare meat and biscuits or rolls in a Dutch oven. You might even make Brigham Young’s favorite doughnut recipe. (Simply type "Brigham Young's doughnut recipe" into a search engine to find one of many slight variations.) Listen to some of the original LDS hymns while you eat, or pack it up and go for a hike.

Visit a local museum. Wherever you live, people settled your area through hard work and sacrifice. Find out more about your town or county and the people who made life as you know it possible.

Watch a period movie. From the 1940 classic Brigham Young to 2004's The Work and the Glory, you've got your pick of movies about pioneers. If that style doesn't suit you, use your imagination - any western or "heading west" movie could do.

Share pioneer stories from your family. Whether your gospel roots stretch back to the first Saints that traveled the plains or you are the first member in your family, get together with others and share the thoughts and testimonies of the pioneers in your life.

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