OT Lesson 12 Study Notes: Genesis 40-45

Genesis 40

Verse 1: How long do you think “after these things” might represent, a long time or a short time? Why do you think we hear nothing further about Potiphar’s wife and what became of her?

Verse 2:

Note that “butler” is probably better translated “cup bearer,” and “baker” is probably better translated “royal scribe.”

These are important palace officials. Does that suggest anything about the prison director’s thoughts about Joseph? Why doesn’t the writer tell us anything about how they have made the Pharaoh angry? Are we supposed to see a parallel between the servants of Pharaoh who (literally) “sinned against their master” and Joseph who has refused to do so because it would be a sin against God (Genesis 39:9)? What do you make of the fact that in chapter 39 (22), Joseph was put in charge of all of the prisoners, but here he must wait on two of them? Has his status changed or does this say something about these two prisoners?

Verse 3: In whose prison is Joseph? Why is Potiphar’s name absent, but his title used?

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