OT Lesson 2 Study Notes: Abraham 3; Moses 4:1-4

Abraham 3

Verses 1-19: Why did the Lord reveal these things to Abraham? More important: why did he think it important to reveal them to us?

Verse 1: Why is it important that Abraham tell us that he received the revelation that follows through the Urim and Thummim?

Verse 2: Assuming that the throne of God is on a planet, why say that the star is near that throne / planet rather than that the throne / planet is near the star? In contrasts, we don’t say that the sun is near the earth, but that the earth is near the sun. To what does the word ones in the phrase “there were many great ones” refer? Stars? Why is it important that we know this detail?

Verse 3: What does it mean to refer to a star as governing? How can multiple stars govern? What do they govern? When the Lord tells Abraham that the star Kolob governs “all those which belong to the same order as that upon which thou standest” what is he saying?

The word kolob may be related to a Hebrew root, klb, that appears to mean “bind,” though the words that follow from that root appear in late Hebrew rather than early.

Verse 4: Why is this difference in time between the orders of stars and planets important for Abraham to know? Does “one thousand years” mean “a very long time” or is it being used as an exact measurement? How would you decide?

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