OT Lesson 24 Notes

Gospel Doctrine
Lesson: David and Bathsheba
Reading: 2 Samuel 11-12
1 Introduction
1.1 A Note on approach

This represents the notes I made during my reading of the lesson 24. It is not a lesson outline but really notes about issues and questions that struck me as interesting during my reading. Consequently, the notes do not have a conclusion and very little mention of application. I like to let those things arise from within the class when I teach.

These notes were written four years ago when I last taught gospel doctrine. I think any many cases I would approach the material quite differently if I was to do it again.

1.2 Structure of the Narrative

The story of David and Bathsheba is familiar but maybe we don’t pay much attention to the structure. The narrative seems to be fairly tightly structured. Following Petter, I outline the structure chiasticly as the following:1

A. Indecisive Ammonite battle (11:1)
B. David lies with Bathsheba in adultery (11:2-5)
C. Death of Uriah (11:6-27)
D. David Condemned: you are the man! (12:1-13)
C' Death of the child (12:14-23)
B' David lies with Bathsheba in marriage (12:24-25)
A' Decisive Ammonite battle (12:26-31)

* What insights about the narrative does the structure give you?

* Does the structure help you understand the author’s overriding point or points? What are those points?

* Ammonite battles bracket the narrative. How does that affect the narrative? Do the battles help you understand any of the major points of the narrative?

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