October Visiting Teaching Message: If We Do Not Doubt

by | Sep. 28, 2011

Lesson Helps

I’m a professor of secondary education, which means I teach students who are training to become middle and high school teachers. I usually teach classes on classroom management, assessment, diversity, learning theory, you get the picture. This semester, however, I agreed to teach what’s called SFA 101, a one-credit course on study skills (note taking, study strategies, communicating with your professors, time management, etc.). I am really enjoying it so far, but boy, are these freshmen different than the juniors and seniors I usually teach. Many are living on their own for the first time and are struggling with balancing their newfound freedom and their responsibilities as students. They are like kids in a candy store.

As I was doing some planning for next week, I came across a booklet that focuses on how to be successful in college. The chapter called “Taking Pride in Doubt” caught my attention. Here’s a re-cap of the advice in this chapter:

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