Ohio seminary students walk the paths of early Saints

For seminary students in Northeast Ohio, their study of the Doctrine and Covenants has been a “life experience.” From 1831 to 1838, Ohio was the center of LDS Church activity, including the organization and meetings of the School of the Prophets, the building of the Kirtland Temple, and the completion of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. While townships like Kirtland, Hiram, and Mantua are seemingly small and inconspicuous to most Ohioans, for seminary students these places represent the history of early Saints whose faith and perseverance contributed significantly to the growth of the LDS Church.

Students from the Akron Ohio Stake have made church history field trips a part of their seminary curriculum.

“We have such a unique opportunity as teachers and students studying the Doctrine and Covenants. Together we read about the organization of the early church, the building of the Kirtland Temple, and the vision of the degrees of glory. But then we visit the towns and homes and rooms where these significant events occurred, and that is when it becomes real and very meaningful to the kids,” said Angie Kearns, Canton Ward South seminary teacher.

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