Okay, so maybe Julie Beck rocks.

A while ago, I wrote a post about Sister Beck that made a lot of people mad. Really mad. Like, shockingly mad, to the point where I actually got some hate mail. Yessiree, nothing says, “I’m a disciple of Christ” like a steaming pile of vitriolic rhetoric telling somebody she is wicked and headed straight to hell.

(Thanks for that, by the way.)

But I know when I’m wrong (I AM married to a lawyer, after all), and I’m all about repentance. So it is today that I say, Sister Julie Beck? I’m officially a fan.

I loved, loved, loved her General Conference talk. I was especially struck with her strong words about seeking validation in the wrong places, and how a mother can measure success. We are successful when we feel the Spirit. The end. The simplicity of that was actually kind of a relief.

I also loved her quote from Eliza R. Snow, which basically said, “Yo, quit being a baby and start being a woman.”

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