Old Testament Lesson 14: ''Ye Shall Be a Peculiar Treasure unto Me''

by | Apr. 07, 2010

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This lesson will not follow precisely the format of the lesson in the manual for Gospel Doctrine. I want to provide some insights and background to the excellent material contained in the Church's publication. Please do not teach this lesson at the expense of that one. The manual provided by the Church is your main and most important non-scriptural resource. This lesson is clearly of lesser value and inspiration, but I hope it will help you in understanding what happened to Israel in the wilderness and at Mount Sinai.


One of things the Children of Israel needed to learn was trust in the Lord. In Proverbs we read, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths" (Prov. 3:5,6).

Over and over again as Israel traveled from Egypt to Sinai, the Lord seemed to be saying, "Trust me." Actual trust is a precious commodity, one not to be given lightly. The older Alma taught, "And also trust no one to be your teacher nor your minister, except he be a man of God, walking in his ways and keeping his commandments" (Mosiah 23:14).

The story that follows, given by Elder McKay in 1944, illustrates how important it is to find those you know you know you can trust.

There is a story told that a company of botanists seeking some special flowers up in the Canadian Rockies, came one day to a very rare flower down on the side of a cliff. To reach it they would have to retrace their steps and go back ten miles to come up from the valley below. Someone suggested that if they had a rope they could let a boy down to pick the specimens. That suggestion was prompted by the fact that a little boy had been following them for about an hour, watching them silently.

They got the rope and said:

"Here, lad, we'll give you $5 if you will put this rope around you and permit us to let you down to get those flowers."

Without saying a word the lad scampered off. They thought they had frightened him. He went to a house nearby and soon came back with a man by his side. Then the little fellow answered:

"You may put that rope around me, and I'll get the flower, if you'll let my dad hold the rope." (Pres. David O. McKay, CR, Apr. 1944)

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