On Joseph Smith's Birthday: No Stronger Witness

by | Dec. 23, 2013

What We Believe

Each December, we read or relate the account recorded in the second chapter of Luke about the birth of the Christ child. We sing of the Wise Men who, “with wondering awe,” saw and followed the star that signaled His birth, and of angels whose heavenly chorus proclaimed that singular, grand event. Our Christmas hymns remind us of—and help teach children—the story of the little town of Bethlehem where Jesus was born and tell how, since there was no room in the inn, He “laid down his sweet head” in a manger. We sing of shepherds who, while watching their flocks by night, heard the angelic proclamation of His birth.

Throughout the year, Latter-day Saints sing of the Savior’s birth and the wondrous act He performed by coming to dwell among mortal men to teach, guide, lead, and show us the way. We are amazed that He gave His life in the atoning sacrifice so that we might have eternal life.

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