One Conversation At A Time

I grew up in a home of all girls, including the dog. My poor father was doomed from the get go. And yet, he is the perfect man to lead a home of all women. He is patient and kind and has never, in my entire 39 years of life, spoken ill of anyone. He only has kind things to say about others, and he sincerely looks for the good in others.

That is an amazing quality; one that is incredibly difficult to replicate because let's be honest: people have a tendency to do dumb things which sets themselves up for mocking.

I remember an incident after my sisters and I were all grown. We were all married and had come home for a visit. We found ourselves sitting around the kitchen table and were dishing. The conversation turned to a person we all knew and one that we didn't like. This person had scorned one of my sisters, and so it then meant that we ALL didn't like that person. Isn't that how loyalty works?

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