One Important Mistake to Avoid When Heaven Feels Distant

We've all had those moments when we feel distant from God and unable to see His hand guiding our lives. It's these moments, BYU professor of ancient scripture, Tyler J. Griffin talked about recently, sharing how some Bible translations might help us see familiar scripture stories in a new light.

“Step one, when heaven feels distant, don’t think that God is giving everybody else all the answers and just withholding them from you,” he said.

Drawing on experiences from friends, family and his study of the life of Jesus Christ, Griffin reminded listeners that challenges are not unique to this day.

“Everyone faces it, but nobody more so than He who is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief,” he said.

Analyzing the Atonement of Jesus Christ, Griffin discussed the moment in the New Testament when the Savior was brought before Pontius Pilate and crucified in exchange for Barabbas, who was a murderer and a thief.

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