One of the rarest Mormon antiquarian books on eBay

An 1837 first edition of A VOICE OF WARNING by Parley P. Pratt is one of the rarest of the rare Mormon antiquarian books and it is listed for the first time ever in eBay's history. The seller passed over Christie's or Sotheby's and opted to use eBay where it is currently found as a buy-it-now-listing with a price tag of $75,000. The seller promises that "all offers will be reviewed." Shipping is free as they plan to hand-deliver the book anywhere in the world no extra cost.

Just how "rare" is an 1837 first edition of A VOICE OF WARNING? Ask any collector or purveyor of Mormon antiquarian books if they have one and they will probably tell you they have never even seen one. Only the heavy hitters have a first edition of A VOICE OF WARNING. The Library of Congress, the Community of Christ (formerly known as the RLDS Church), the LDS Church and BYU each have at least one copy. Very few of the ultra-serious private collectors will let the public know what they have.
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