Opinion: Bashing Mormons, based on old doctrines, must stop

Mormon-bashing continues to be alive and well.

How's this for a headline (in strange, fractured, white-on-black graphics)? "Latterday Taint: How Glenn Beck is Driven by Mormonism."

In this Oct. 21 article in the Boise Weekly, a Boston writer named Adam Reilly makes a bogus claim. He connects Fox commentator Glenn Beck's political views and Beck's membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Reilly declares that Beck's anti-communist, mean-spirited, off-the-wall rhetoric (like, President Obama has a deep hatred of white people) is rooted in his Mormon faith.


The problem is, this sort of article just keeps on encouraging the license so many people seem to feel to take potshots at the LDS church.

I am not a Mormon. I probably disagree (respectfully) with most doctrines of the Mormon church. But it just makes me crazy that so many people - many "liberal-minded" people as well as "conservative" religionist - seem to feel that it's always open season on the LDS.

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