Opinion: Inexcusable behavior in the immigration debate

When news broke earlier this week that a group of vigilantes in Utah had assembled a list of 1,300 supposed illegal immigrants and sent it to government agencies as well as the press, I should have been shocked.

I wasn't.

When reports began surfacing that some of the people on this list were being threatened and harassed by anonymous cowards, I expected to become outraged.

I didn't.

And as I began skimming through readers' comments on DeseretNews.com, among other sites, I thought I'd be filled with anger at the ignorance, intolerance and bigotry of some of the posters.

But it never happened.

Instead, my reaction was much more depressing: I was completely unsurprised. After spending three years at BYU, I came to love the state of Utah. But on the question of immigration, I've encountered far too many misinformed, self-righteous people who misuse LDS teachings to justify their hateful rhetoric and defend their narrow worldview. They don't make up the majority of the state's population, but they are often the loudest, and they have colored my perception of Utah's immigration debate.

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