Opinion: Join our church, but we won't share candy

Considering chocolate necessary for sustenance, I would generally never find fault with a candy grab. But LDS ward-sponsored trunk-or-treats have sucked the time-proven delight out of Halloween.

Not only are trunk-or-treats in direct opposition to LDS Church leaders' counsel to be good neighbors, they encourage costumed superheroes to act like greedy goblins and parents to wimp out by abdicating their Halloween duties.

At best, trunk-or-treats are exclusionary and, at worst, come across to others as mean-spirited isolation. Halloween night is one of the rare times when neighbors come together in common fun without barriers of shyness or exclusive, established friendships.

Why then, are so many LDS adults intent on reorganizing, bubble-wrapping and cliqueifying Halloween by holding trunk-or-treat events in their church parking lots?


For three dismal years my LDS ward sponsored a Halloween night trunk-or-treat. And all three years my family refused to participate. Our neighborhood is perfect for pretend firefighters and vampires to run through fallen leaves as they clutch their pumpkin buckets full of candy, but still, our house was one of the few lit up on Halloween night.

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