Opinion: Subdivided Mormonism

If I were to write a post about how inappropriate it would be for members of Christ’s church to affix labels to fellow saints, it would be one of the shortest posts ever written. It would consist of a perfect quote from President Uchtdorf: “Stop it!”

Instead, I would like to look a little more closely at another kind of label – the labels that we pick out and stick to ourselves. Even more specifically, the labels that we stick on ourselves as members of the Church.

Here are a few examples: (Feel free to substitute LDS for Mormon if you so desire.)

Tea-Party Mormon • Liberal Mormon • Conservative Mormon • Progressive Mormon • Orthodox Mormon • Feminist Mormon • Hipster Mormon • Traditional Mormon • Modern Mormon • Libertarian Mormon • Democrat Mormon • Republican Mormon • Independent Mormon • Pro-Gay Marriage Mormon • Anti-Gay Marriage Mormon • Molly Mormon • Vegan Mormon, Carnivorous Mormon, etc.

You get the idea. There are many, many different adjectives that we tack onto our faith to help better define who we are.

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