Opinion: The LDS Church should issue a position on immigration

The LDS Church should issue a definitive position on state laws, such as Arizona's, that allows non-federal law enforcement to request citizenship identification under certain conditions. It it does not, it risks being defined on the issue without its own input by extremists on both sides.

Utah activist Tony Yapias, who runs the advocacy group Proyecto Latino de Utah, is urging Mormon Hispanics to write letters to LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson requesting that the church take a position on laws that crack down on illegal immigration, such as Arizona's law that allows police, if they have reason, to check the immigration status of people on the street.

Church leaders have no comment on specific law, although its hierarchy has urged Utah legislators to show compassion on immigration legislation. As mentioned, the church should issue a strong stand on the issue. If it does not, it takes the risk of having its position being defined by others. These "others" are often extremists on an issue or persons already hostile to the church.

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