Opinion: The Twilight Obsession and Its Effect on Marriages

If Twilight-obsessed women would direct even half of their intimate and erotic energies towards their husbands and the real-life fantasy available to them, their marriage relationship would be greatly strengthened and become infinitely more satisfying.

The Twilight Fervor

The Twilight fervor seems to be heating up again with the release of the next movie in the Twilight saga. What isn't being talked about though is its potentially negative effects on relationships.

After seeing this disturbing Twilight parody music video, and hearing about "Twilight Moms" and such on Oprah, it seemed necessary to comment on the Twilight phenomenon, and it's detrimental effects on marriages.

What may begin as harmless fun or a little escapism from the rigors of real life can easily become an obsession--especially if there is a void in one's life that is hankering to be filled.

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