Opinion: When Mormons aren't the happiest family on the block

We live in an area in which Mormons aren’t necessarily the happiest people in town — which gives missionary work a twist we haven’t been trained for.

For the most part, in Montana, family and outdoor adventures trump the priorities of career, position and possessions. Many replace organized Sunday services with wholesome recreational activities because God’s creations beckon them to reverence. Here, families are planned carefully and the sacrifice of becoming a parent is taken seriously.

For example, many parents here celebrate the birthdays of their one or two children with gusto. Whole families are invited to offer rapt attention to every delightful game of musical chairs and candle wish. Then enter the Mormon moms. Sure, their children are clean and the gifts perfectly wrapped, but we swish away saying we’ll be back to the party in an hour after we run four other kids to activities/go visiting teaching/deliver a meal/finish canning peaches.

The response is usually, “Whatever, dude.” Not, “Why are you so happy?”

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