Opinion: Why schools need our kids

Years ago, I had a dream, back when I was debating whether to send my oldest son, Jackson, to a public school or educate him at home.

I dreamed that we went snorkeling in a vast ocean. As we swam along, I watched Jackson struggle to tread water. I had to continually prop him up just to keep his head above the waves.

Along came a group of friends who invited Jackson to go exploring in deeper waters. Jackson could hardly swim, but for some reason I let him go. After he swam away I panicked. What had I done, sending him off with so few skills? Hours passed. Finally the group returned and Jackson, miracle of miracles, was safe. Not only that, but he was filled with exciting stories of what he had seen on his adventure.

When I awoke from this dream (and I will tell you, lest you think I am a visionary, that it is the only dream I’ve ever had that contained any meaning), I knew what I needed to do. I needed to let Jackson go to school and trust that on so many levels he would be fine.

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