Oregon football RMs excel on field, share gospel off of it

by | Dec. 22, 2009

Saints & Sports

By now, Kevin and Devin Unga are used to all of the questions.

As twins, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and as returned Mormon missionaries, they prompt plenty of curiosity from teammates.

"It happens all the time," Kevin said. "They ask what year we are. We say, 'true freshmen.' They say, 'Man, you look 21.' We say, 'That's because we are 21.' They ask why we're so old and we tell them we went on missions and they ask what we did on our missions. They ask about the gospel. For us, it's a good opportunity to share the gospel."

The freshman linebackers are two of four returned missionaries on the Oregon State squad that faces BYU on Tuesday in the Las Vegas Bowl. By contrast, the Cougars have 61 players on the roster who have served missions.

"BYU has a lot of their players who are returned missionaries and we let our teammates know we're not the only ones doing it," Kevin said. "We've told our teammates, 'There's nothing wrong with being 30 and playing college football,' and they just laugh."

"We stand out because we came back from a mission," Devin said. "We're part of the group of older athletes, even though we're freshmen. We're older than some of the seniors on the team."

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