Organizing Lessons from General Conference Addresses

by | Dec. 28, 2009

Lesson Helps

Consider this a virtual inservice meeting, with Dos and Don'ts for making a lesson out of a talk. This is a skill that increasingly we seem to ask our members to have - the Prophet RS Manual lessons aren't written like lessons so they need to be turned into them, the Teachings for Our Time are talks that have to be turned into lessons, and often a Sacrament meeting talk assignment will be to base a talk on a General Conference talk. And putting all material since 1970 on makes this ridiculously easy for people with internet access to just mindlessly regurgitate/recycle talks. Like any skill, it's perhaps not obvious how to do this. (For a good post on Dos and Don'ts for a Sac Mtg talk, much of which is also applicable to lessons, see Aaron B's golden oldie from 2005). Your thoughts are welcome. Here are mine...

Don't give the talk. Someone else already did that. If you want us to hear the whole thing in a class, then play the video from a GC session and then comment/add thoughts, but don't just read the original to your audience. Yawn.

Don't be shackled to the talk's original structure or order (or length). Feel free to change it up, organize it differently, use your own personalized examples or stories.

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