Orrilla Northway Rose Higley: “If You Should Have a Chance to Hear a Mormon Elder Preach”

Orrilla Northway was born 13 June 1795 at Granby, Connecticut. She married Josephus Rose of Granville, Massachusetts, and had at least one child, Samuel. After Josephus’s early death, she married Lyman Higley of Simsbury, Connecticut, on 7 January 1825. Their five children were Harriet, Oliver, Virgil, Ezra Marvin, and Addison. The couple moved to Columbia County, Wisconsin at some point, where Orrilla died on 30 June 1884.

That’s a sterile little biography, isn’t it? Most of us know no more about our ancestors than this, and the boringness of it all is usually why we hide from Great Aunt Edna at family reunions, because we know she’ll want to tell us in excruciating detail about her latest discovery of a date in the life of someone whose name we barely know.

The biography gets a little more interesting upon discovery of a Higley family history (Mary Coffin Johnson, The Higleys and Their Ancestry: An Old Colonial Family. 1896):

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