Orson Scott Card: Callings help us learn skills

The seminary teacher started the math lesson. "Let's say your average age is 16. How much time have you already spent in church meetings?

"Assuming your parents brought you almost every week of your life, and you've gone an average of three hours a week -- and assuming that activities and extras make up for sick days and traveling -- you've spent 2,496 hours, or 312 eight-hour workdays."

"Three years of seminary by age 16 has to raise that total," said one of the kids.

"I'm three-and-a-half times your age. My callings have often made me spend a lot more than three hours a week doing church work. In my 56 years, it must have added up to the equivalent of five years of workdays attending meetings and doing church service."

"Being Mormon is a full-time job," said one of the kids.

"Obeying the commandments certainly is," said the teacher. "But since we have to make a living and take care of our families, actual church work rarely amounts to a full-time job. Still, it's a lot more than a hobby, isn't it?"

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