Orson Scott Card: The purpose of free agency

Since freedom depends, in part, on knowledge of the consequences of our choices, isn't it a restriction on our free agency that God sends us into this world without our memory of all that came before?

What we have to keep in mind here is one of the purposes of our mortal life: to test us.

And what is the nature of the test? To see if we will choose good or evil, when we believe ourselves to have the power to do whatever we want.

Compare our mortal lives to a "virtual machine" on a computer. In order to prevent an outsider from taking over a computer, some users only download software into a "virtual machine."

The "virtual machine" is an area of memory that contains a complete sub-operating system — but has no access to the real operating system or hardware of the computer.

So when the downloaded software is opened and run inside the virtual machine, the user can see what the software actually does.

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