Orson Scott Card: The right way to run a meeting

Every Latter-day Saint knows how to conduct a meeting.

Not that we ever get lessons in doing it. We merely watch other church members lead meetings, knowing that anybody might have such a calling someday, and it seeps into our bones.

That's one of the reasons Mormons tend to do well in management positions in our worldly employment. Most of us know how to take charge of a group of people, without being bossy, and get things done.

Sacrament meeting, priesthood meeting, Young Women and Relief Society follow their own predictable template. We just plug in the names.

  • * Greeting
  • * Announcements
  • * Opening song
  • * Invocation
  • * Introduce visitors
  • * Business
  • * Teaching
  • * Benediction

Sacrament meeting, being more formal, skips the introduction of visitors and adds the sacrament hymn and administering the sacrament. It also has a closing hymn.

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