Orson Scott Card: What is the role of the husband?

I'm about to talk to the priests quorum about how to turn that miserable custom called "dating" into a positive experience that might actually help them and the young women they go out with to learn something useful about each other.

The trouble is that the whole point of dating is to find a mate. In the church, that means finding someone to be your companion longer than life itself.

How can I tell them anything meaningful about dating until I've talked to them about what life as a husband will mean? Only when you have some idea what husbanding is about can you decide whether you want to commit to that role in the life of a particular young woman.

When I asked the priests "what does a husband do?" their immediate answer was, "Provide."

And that's a good starting point. If your wife is going to be able to spend some years concentrating on the raising of the children you have together, you have to be able to bring in enough money.

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