Our 10 Favorite Mormon Moments from 2015

6. Steve Young Quotes Joseph Smith on ESPN

Viewers of "Pardon the Interruption," a popular sports debate show on ESPN, are used to hearing quotes from legendary leaders. Coaches like Knute Rockne, John Wooden, and Vince Lombardi all led their teams to greatness, and their platitudes of wisdom are often echoed to the athletes of today.

But when the hosts brought in Steve Young, an NFL Hall-of-Famer and Latter-day Saint, to address the recent struggles of the Detroit Lions? Well, this happened:

Young, speaking of a team's need for an independent locker room, said it can be harmful when a coach is too involved. "You don't want to be the one who's trying to over-control what's going on in there," he said. "The greatest locker rooms in football, the ones that go to championships, live the famous quote, 'You teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.'"

The "famous quote" that Young used came from the Prophet Joseph Smith, who was once asked how he was able to effectively govern so many people. 

5. Jimmy Fallon Compliments Mitt Romney's Mormon Family on Tonight Show

Mitt Romney's connection with popular late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon stretches beyond quick comedy sketches and TV interviews. 

While the Fallon family was on a vacation, they got together with the Romneys for some good clean fun. "We met up, we had a Burger Summit, last summer," Fallon explained when he had Romney on the show March 25th. "And you invited me over to the house. And my wife and my baby."

"You and your wife and your family were so nice to me," Fallon shared, "and I arrived with a hamburger hot dog hat."


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