The 9 Funniest Mormon Moments of 2016

The year 2016 has seen many exciting changes in the Church—from the dedication of the 150th temple to changes in missionary dress standards and the First Presidency commenting on the presidential election to major changes in temple and family history work.

Amidst these important moments, we've also created quite a few memories and shared some laughs. Here are our favorite funny Mormon moments from this past year, straight from LDS Living.

The New Primary Presidency's Priceless Response After Seeing Themselves as Power Rangers

After the First Presidency announced a new Primary general presidency in April's general conference, a photo was released of Sisters Joy D. Jones, Jean B. Bingham, and Bonnie H. Cordon wearing bright primary colors.

This picture had an uncanny resemblance to classic superheroes children who grew up in the '90s would recognize all too well:

While this Tweet in and of itself had the makings to go viral, the most unexpected and priceless part of this story is how the Primary general presidency responded to it.

It looks like we might have a few Power Ranger lovers among the women leaders of the Church!

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