Overheard Sunday at Church

Context: Britain is in the middle of an election in which the Prime Minister position is up for grabs. It’s a big deal — heady times. I overheard the following conversation between two active, faithful Church members immediately after Elders Quorum last Sunday while visiting a friend’s ward.

Member 1: I’ve read about the Tories’ proposals on education and find them attractive. I’d like to speak with you more about that.

Member 2: Oh yes, they’ve got a great vision on education policy. [longish boring exposition on Tory education policy -- sounds kind of like "independent school districts" in Texas]

Member 1: Interesting. But I think Labour has handled the financial crisis correctly. I will probably be voting for Labour.

Member 2: (Incredulous). Labour’s handling of the crisis was rubbish! Vote Tory!


What was noticeably missing:

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