PBS Features LDS Polynesian Family's Faith

Indie America is a PBS Digital Studios web series, exploring the diverse and colorful people who live in all corners of the country. In the latest webisode, the series catches up with the Mataeles, owners of The Hawaiian Hut, the largest Polynesian market in Utah. The Mataeles share their passion, their culture, their business--also their LDS faith.

"Most of the people that first came to Utah were LDS, belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," Pelenaise Mataele, the family matriarch shares in the video. "The LDS culture plays a lot in the things I do, the way I live," she continues. "For example, we are not open on Sundays. That's because we believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy."

Her daughter, Hola Mataele, adds that a large number of Tongans have converted to the LDS faith. She teases that even if it appears that Mormons in Utah are "white bread," the truth is that the Church is very diverse. "I think for the most part, people are really open," she says. "Because of the LDS culture, a lot of people have served foreign missions and so I think that they are exposed to a lot of different cultures."

Watch the full clip, including more from the Mataeles about their life and their culture:

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