Pairing off: Julia's guide to texting

I claimed a few weeks ago that texting was "the worst possible form of human interaction." I got a few complaints, did some thinking, and decided I was wrong. Sorry, devoted readers. Devastating as it is, I am fallible. But at least I'll admit it, right?

So I decided to redeem myself by providing you some rules of thumb for texting, including — but not limited to — how texting relates to dating.

To begin, I think you should know that I'm a texter: I text. Texting is convenient, efficient, and all-out handy. There are too many good uses for text for me to enumerate, so I'll just list some of the most common that I think are both appropriate and to be encouraged:

1. Little funnies. Funny jokes and observations that can be expressed in 160-320 characters and don't require background information, vocal or facial expression, or pre or post chit-chat. This kind of text is appropriate at every level of a relationship. But if the joke will take more than three texts, consider a phone call; and if the joke isn't actually funny consider keeping it to yourself.

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