Parents need to monitor TV use, NAB president Gordon Smith tells BYU audience

Parents should exercise control of their family's viewing habits because while most broadcasters are responsible, others push the boundaries of community standards, the president of the National Association of Broadcasters told BYU students in a speech Tuesday.

A BYU alum and former U.S. senator, Gordon Smith, also congratulated the school on the anniversaries of its broadcast entities and encouraged them to spread faith to millions.

"The media is Ground Zero" in the fight between good and evil, Smith said, "and the fight is waged daily on radio, television, in newspapers and magazines and all over the Internet, for all to see and hear."

Smith called the role of broadcaster a higher calling and an awesome responsibility that the majority of broadcasters take very seriously. Most are dedicated to serving their communities, but Smith said they don't always "get it right." Parents, therefore, need to be responsible, too.

"We cannot discount that viewers have choices. In fact, (broadcasters) encourage choice and channel changing. Broadcasters advocate a number of technological devices to give audiences more control over their content. Things like the V chip, which allows parents to set standards of television viewing for their households.

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