Parents urged to help children avoid 'bad neighborhoods' online

by | Jul. 06, 2010

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By the time they're 10, one-third of children have encountered hard-core pornography online. And technology may introduce other dangers, from cyber bullying to sexting and online predators.

Internet safety experts say parents know some of the dangers but assume it's not happening to their kids. They might be wrong.

"I would just caution parents that online problems can be just as big and important and consequential as offline problems," says Stanley Holditch of

Holditch tells parents to ask their kids for a tour of their favorite websites and friends online. Then parents should create their own accounts, as if they were children of that age, to see what their kids experience online.

The message is part of his job. is a subscription service that tries to stop children from venturing into cyberspace's bad neighborhoods. But he's as passionate about teaching parents what's out there and how to keep their children away from the worst of it, he said.

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