Perfect Packing

by | Jul. 30, 2010

Travel Tips

Tired of arriving at your destination and finding that you forgot to bring some important items, and the clothes you did bring were wrinkled? Here are some quick tips for getting the job done right:
  • Before you go, make a list of what you are doing on the trip, and write down what kinds of clothes you are going to need. Try to pack items that could double for different outfits, such as a shirt that can both work for church (worn with a skirt) and out for a nice dinner (worn with jeans or dress pants).

  • Pants, skirts, and jackets should be folded neatly and put in the bottom of the suitcase.

  • More wrinkle-resistant clothes, like jeans and T-shirts, should be rolled and put on top of folded clothes. Socks should also be rolled.

  • Cotton shirts and blazers should be folded and placed on top of rolled clothes.

  • Belts can be lined around the edge of the bag.

  • Choose your shoes with caution. If possible, limit yourself to three pairs: one for casual wear, one for more hardy activities, and a dress shoe for church and fancy outings.
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