Persistent misunderstandings a frustration to the faithful

A Wall Street Journal editorial in December 2007 said, “The Mormons seem the very embodiment of ‘family values,’ and you couldn’t invent a religious culture that lived more consistently with Biblical messages. Broadly speaking, most Mormons have, and come from, big families; they’re regular churchgoers and give to charity; they don’t drink, smoke, gamble or engage in premarital sex. On the scale of American problems, the Mormons don’t even register.”

Nice as that sounds, the editorial was actually explaining that a Mormon presidential candidate was going to have to overcome skepticism not from the secular left but from some other Christian denominations that were “leery of — or openly hostile to — the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, considering it un-Christian, or even a cult.”

We know we are Christian, and we know we are not a cult, but it is frustrating when some myths and misunderstandings persist, as they seem to, concerning us.

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