Photo Essay: The Lights at Temple Square


Mary and Joseph are greeted by the innkeeper in a scene on Temple Square, Dec. 17, 1966. Photo from Deseret News.

Spreading the Light of Christ
People from all different countries, religions, and walks of life have visited the Christmas lights, and all have found their own way to share in the holiday spirit. Stories of proposals, family traditions, and more abound.

One couple—not LDS—comes every year all the way from North Carolina to see the Christmas lights, “Because no one celebrates Christmas like the Mormons do.”  When a Christian family from Armenia came to Temple Square, they were touched to be able to see the nativities; in their own country, they had never been allowed to display their faith so publicly.

And with the throngs of people coming to see the lights, a great deal of missionary work is bound to go on. “It’s just wonderful to be here at Christmas time. So many people come in and ask so many questions,” says Skip Reese, a hostess of twelve years at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. “The decorations are so beautiful, and they’re all just so ready to hear good things, and we’re ready to tell good things.”

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