Photo Gallery: What Mormon Teens are Doing Worldwide

by | Aug. 15, 2014

News from Utah


Samoan Latter-day Saint youth participate in rugby during an interfaith conference.

Youth in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are like many other young people around the world. They go to movies, participate in sports, watch videos, text their friends, study for school, attend church and play musical instruments.


These girls are helping in a Church cannery with food that will be used by the poor and needy.

They also are given opportunities to look outside themselves and consider the needs of others such as their family, friends and neighbors — to be a source of support for life’s challenges just as Jesus Christ showed with His example while on the earth.


Teens in Abu Dhabi participate in a youth conference with the theme of stories from the Book of Mormon. The youth wear clothing which depicts the period of time in the Book of Mormon.

Mormon boys and girls also participate together for three to four days each year in an activity called “youth conference.” Teenage members in all parts of the world use their school vacation time to join in educational workshops, cultural presentations, service activities, dance festivals and spiritual discussions. At these summer conferences, young men and young women connect to learn more about each other and the beliefs they share.


Seminary is a weekday opportunity for Mormon students to understand how the gospel of Jesus Christ relates to them.

A seminary graduate from Charlotte, North Carolina, noted that the program has helped him “figure out what I believe for myself” and “do something hard and follow through with it.”

In Cleveland, Ohio, 19 Latter-day Saint seminary students had a desire to introduce their friends who were not members of the Church to the gospel. More than 60 curious high school students showed up for pancakes and bacon.

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