Places with best economic environment for LDS families

If you could choose anywhere in the United States to raise your LDS family, where would you choose — especially given the current condition of the economy?

While most factors you would likely consider are common to all families, such as unemployment, job growth and housing affordability, there are some factors that may be more important to Latter-day Saint families in particular.

For instance, LDS families are likely to spend more money on gasoline (think of early-morning seminary, church callings, home teaching, visiting teaching, etc.), religious products (distribution center materials, scriptures, temple clothing, etc.), and food (food storage) than many other families.

Additionally, statistics show that LDS women are more likely to give birth to more children than other groups, so with more children LDS families may be more concerned about state tax deductions or tax credits for children.

In the book "Best Places to Raise an LDS Family," my colleagues and I compared 361 U.S. Census Bureau-defined metropolitan areas based on LDS values and lifestyles. We looked at 97 sets of data across seven categories, including one we call "economic environment."

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