Planting a seed in India with a Book of Mormon pageant

A Mormon her entire life, Diane Pritchett had read Alma’s discourse in the Book of Mormon about experimenting with a seed numerous times. She could explain the concept forwards and backwards in her sleep. “I have read Alma 32, but I had never really experienced that act of planting a seed, nourishing it and watching it grow,” Pritchett said.

This past summer in India, the high school music teacher from Belmont, Mass., become a gardener. She wrote, produced and organized a Book of Mormon pageant with a cast of 40 LDS youths in New Delhi — an effort that yielded faith, stronger testimonies of the gospel and hope for future growth for the church in India.

The seeds

Before the pageant seed was planted, another seed was sown.

Lant Pritchett, Diane’s husband, works in the field of international economic development and specializes in poor countries. The family lived in India from 2004 to 2007. While there, the couple’s three children attended school, and the family was active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has approximately 8,000 members in India. Eventually, one of their sons was called to serve in the India Bangalore Mission.

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