Please Remember This When Your Trials or Promptings Just Aren't Making Sense

Have you ever wondered why it might have been harder for Noah to build a boat than for Nephi?

I love this post that delves into what faith means and how these stories, though they might seem completely unrelated to us today, actually reflect each of us at different stages of our lives. It transforms the way we read the scriptures, teaching that sometimes trials and promptings make sense and have an end goal in sight. And sometimes, they just don't. But that's okay.

Here's one of my favorite quotes: "Sometimes we can see the storm coming, and sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we’ll see  the magnitude of the ocean we’re about to cross, and sometimes we won’t. Heavenly Father doesn’t expect us to be less faithful in trying times."

Faith is the first principle of the gospel, and that will never change. In this church, we spend a great deal of time talking about Fatih. I could spend this whole article giving you different definitions or scriptures that explain what it means to have faith. However, we all know there are sometimes it’s definitely easier to stick to your faith than others.

During the hard times in my life, people would always say to me, “Faith is Not Circumstantial.” As much as I tried, I never really understood what that meant. Then one day, someone explained it to me in a way that changed how I think about faith.

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